The Last 2.5 Months, in a Nutshell

Wow, what a whirlwind the last couple months has been! It’s been a while since I posted here, and so much has been going on; I finally have a chance to update everyone and get back in the swing of things with an actual blog! I’ll be issuing out a more formal ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped share and spread the word about my GoFundMe project because you have all been amazing for sharing.. but I’m going to wait until the end of the campaign. For the time being, here’s an update from the last couple of months!

To start, I should mention that I rolled my ankle really badly on January 5th, and wasn’t able to start running again until a couple weeks ago. Two and a half months without running was tough, but I kept busy in other ways. Initially, I was aqua jogging in the pool for 60-90 mins five to six times per week. For those of you who don’t know what that is, I’d best describe it as a foam torture device used to test the resolve of injured runners in a pool. It looks like this: Aqua Joggerand allows you to run in the water with your head bobbing just above the surface… and I loathe it (more than the average runner too – due to the added annoyance of an ostomy). All you can do is stare straight ahead at the other end of a pool as you slog along back and forth, brooding over the frustration of the injury that put you there in the first place.

That being said, the time spent aqua jogging can actually be quite productive. Aside from doing a very good job at maintaining cardiovascular fitness, the time spent thinking about injury will almost always turn into some type of resolution to do a better job at preventing future injury. It’s one thing to remember the monotony of cross training, but another thing to actually be doing it. My aqua jog mantra quickly became, “I didn’t go through 2 years of colitis-induced suffering just to be sidelined again by weak ankles, just get through today”. Even so, after a month of this with no end in sight the lesson was learned but punishment continued.

Then, along came a new mechanism of cross training that changed my spiteful attitude: Cycling. My girlfriend’s dad generously offered to let me borrow this beaut Trek Madonewhile I was injured to help stay in shape.

Until a couple months ago, I’d never clipped into a bike, let alone gotten on the saddle of a bike of this caliber. What a game changer! After my first ride, I was hooked, going 30-50 miles a day through the hills east of Berkeley. I even rode 90 miles (averaging 20.5 mph) in a single ride a couple weeks ago with John Fulton’s cycling group [Thank you for having me FMRC!]. I used to look at cyclists like long-lost relatives of my distance running brethren who wear dorky helmets and diaper pants instead of short-shorts. Having spent the better part of the last month and a half sitting on a bike seat however, I can tell you two things: if you are a distance runner, you will probably fall smack in love with cycling and the dorky helmets if you try it… and those diaper pants are a godsend for those of us with boney butts – aka all distance runners.

Thankfully though, my ankle (and achilles) have healed and allowed me to start running again. The cross training actually did a fantastic job of keeping my fitness intact. Obviously its never ideal to get injured, but once I started on the bike I decided that if it were possible to come back to running MORE fit after cross training than when I started, I was going to make it happen. I don’t think I’d say i’m more fit as a result, but I’m close to where I left off, and I found a new passion to chase in the future! (I grew up surfing in SD, and am a solid swimmer.. the triathlon is starting to sound more and more appealing 😛 ).

But now, its back to the grindstone. I’m in the full swing of training again, and planning on testing the waters in a low-key 2 mile race early next month. I’m going to begin filming for the short documentary series soon, and I’m working diligently on my newly formed company, Hurdle Barriers LLC, to find the best way to serve the ostomy community. There are lots of big things on the horizon, I can’t wait to share it with you all! But for now, and as always:

no colon, still rollin’

Collin Jarvis

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